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News March 28, 2017

New Bill Would Eliminate Training Requirement For Concealed Carry

(WPR)---People could carry a concealed weapon without a permit in Wisconsin under a proposal released by Republican state lawmakers Tuesday.

State law already allows the open... Read More March 28, 2017

Incumbent Tony Evers, Challenger Lowell Holtz Argue Over Teacher Shortage, Trump Budget

(WPR)---Wisconsin’s teacher shortage and the effect of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would have on the state’s professional development were among... Read More

WGTD March 28, 2017

Updated 10p

Camp Lake---The freight train that smashed into a tractor-trailer that got hung up on the tracks at a crossing apparently made contact at a relatively slow speed, according to Salem Lakes Fire Chief Mike Slover.

"It made every effort to... Read More

WGTD March 27, 2017

WITH AUDIO;  Updated 3-27 6p

Racine---State Rep. Cory Mason and former mayoral candidate Melvin Hargrove have become the first candidates to enter the city's upcoming race for mayor following John Dickert's resignation announcement Monday.

Mason... Read More

WGTD March 27, 2017

Mayor John Dickert announced this morning that he has been named as the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s next President and Chief Administrative Officer.  He will, therefore, be stepping down as Mayor of the City of Racine in late summer of this year... Read More

WGTD March 27, 2017

Racine Mayor John Dickert is resigning to become the President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. The announcement was made at a press conference at City Hall this morning. In a press release from the Initiative,... Read More

WGTD March 25, 2017

Kenosha---The non-profit that specializes in helping the hard-core homeless seems eager to show it can be better neighbors.

First Step isn’t waiting for an anticipated contentious battle over license renewal to hit the floor of the city’s License and Permit... Read More

WGTD March 25, 2017

Gov. Walker wants all public school teachers in Wisconsin to pay at least 12% of the cost of their health insurance. Problem is…school districts don’t know what that exactly means.

Walker’s proposal is included in his recently-unveiled budget. Under the measure,... Read More

WGTD March 23, 2017

Kenosha---First Step, the low-barrier shelter that deals with the difficult-to-help portion of the homeless population, could become eligible to receive some financial assistance from Kenosha County. But Human Services Director John Jansen tells WGTD there’d be no blank... Read More

WGTD March 23, 2017

Kenosha---The cynics may be proven wrong after all. Following a narrow escape from the wrecking ball a few years ago, it appears more and more likely that the former Elk’s Club building will be salvaged and turned into a boutique hotel.

The top architect at Gorman... Read More