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'Smart Cities, Smart Futures': Big Ideas Sought Once Again

Sept. 10, 2019 10:30p 

(WGTD)---A local Foxconn ‘Smart Cities, Smart Futures’ winner from the last school year trumpeted the ongoing competition during an event held Tuesday at the SC Johnson iMET Center in Sturtevant.

Retired Gateway Technical College horticulture instructor Kate Field said for her the contest was a fascinating process and a great adventure.

Unlike last year, this fall’s competition narrows the field of acceptable ideas to a broad range of topics related to advanced manufacturing. Categories include agri-tech, healthcare, safety, mobility and energy sustainability.

Field’s winning idea last year involved hydroponics.

She urged anyone sitting on the fence to take the plunge. "Maybe you're sitting there wondering do I have a good idea. Do I have the time for this or the energy for this, " she said. "And my answer will be just do it. It'll take your simple idea into the next level." 

The top winners can earn as much as $8,000. The application deadline is Oct. 20th.

Field's winning idea--turning old central-city buildings into facilities for hydroponics that would include living, cooking, research, wellness and public market components--has yet to be developed.  

In retirement, Field said she's not the one to pursue potential investors and bring the plan to fruition.