The Morning Show

Erin Sjunneson "Being Seen" 

Carthage College Homecoming Concert

UW-Parkside Foreign Film Series

Part 1 - RTG: Native Gardens / Kate Heartsfield - The Magus Conspiracy

William Kuhn - the Royal Family

Buzz Bissinger - The Mosquito Bowl

Phil Allen - The Prophetic Lens

Dr. Thomas Carr - Paleontologist 

Barbara Riesman - Where the Millennials Take Us

David Stashower - American Demon

Stephen Guinan- We are the Troopers

Wisconsin Orchids (Nan Calvert) 

Cheryl Hernandez- Kenosha Literacy Council

Barbara Goldsmith- "Obsessive Genius" 

Chiwaukee Prairie

Joe Drape - Our Boys

Ellyn Lem-  Gray Matters 

Hollywood: Her Story

Neil Swidey, "Trapped Under the Sea" 

The Sun & the Moon

1872 Miami Dolphins

Matthew Goodman, "The Sun and the Moon"

Dr, Thomas Carr / Matthew Warren Lee

Dr. Art Cyr

Current Poets Laureate 

Author David Maraniss on athlete Jim Thorpe

Nan Calvert / Danielle Bell- Native Plants

Jeff Bercovici, author of "Play On!"

Baynard Woods: "Inheritance" 

Harborpark Jazz Festival

NPR's Linda Holmes

GTC President Bryan Albrecht

Dr. Jay Baruch - "Tornado of Life" 

Tripp Mickle - "After Steve"

Keri Blakinger - "Corrections in Ink: a Memoir"

Jason Reid- Black Quarterbacks

Racine Starving Artists Fair

Frank Egerton - GunCrazy America

David Adams Cleveland - Gods of Deception

Ryan Swanson- The Strenuous Life

Bellen Woodard, "More than Peach" 

AmeriCorps volunteers in Kenosha

Kenosha Opera Festival's THE BARBER OF SEVILLE

John Moyles, Exotic Pet Relocation

Dr. Peggy James, Prof. Edward Schmitt (UW-P's Alternative Historical Narrative Summer Program)

Jeff Pearlman, "Sho-Time" 

Jeremy Denk- Every Good Boy Does Fine

David Rothenberg- Thousand Mile Song

Dr. Mark Vonnegut- The Heart of Caring

Eisenhower in War and Peace / Patrick Henry- Lion of Liberty