The Morning Show

Dave McGrath:  "24 Hours from Tulsa" 

James Schatzman (R/K Vocational Ministries) 

Dr. Art Cyr

RTG's Sweeney Todd

"Under the Iron Heel"  

Greg Borowski -  "First and Long" 

Carthage Athletics 

Heart of the Game

Beyond Birds and Bees

Kenosha Verbatim Project 

"Maybe Baby" 

Hawthorn Hollow

Simon Read on Winston Churchill

Designer Manuel Lima

Kenosha alderman Anthony Kennedy

Curtis Stock- "The Turcottes" 

Byron Wright, Kernosha activist and humanitarian

George Ferencz, a retired music professor from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,  discusses the extraordinary legacy of Robert Russell Bennett, who is most renowned as the orchestrator of several hundred Broadway musicals of the golden age.  Ferencz edited Bennett's autobiography "The Broadway Sound."  

Kenosha Symphony Orchestra

"How Rome Fell" 

Carthage music student Katiann Nelson

Carthage's production of "Legally Blonde" 

Simon Goodman - "The Orpheus Clock" 

Monnica Rose-  International Director, Toastmasters International

GTC Provost John Thibodeau

"The History of the Future" 

Dr. Art Cyr

Catherine Blythe _The Art of Conversation

Garcia... Fronjian / Schatmzan...Paffrath....Dykhuis

Filmmaker Isabel Rivero Vila

Ronald Rosbottom - "Sudden Courage" 

Nan Calvert - with John Holloway adn Brian Gunderson

Tracey Baptiste- "Mermaid & Pirate" / Edson Melendez "Stand & Deliver" 

Adele Bertei "Twist" 

William Kuhn "Mrs. Queen Takes the Train" 

Tom Clavin - "Follow me to Hell" 

Pasqual Laurino, Racine Symphony Orchestra

Amanda Pollack, director of "The Sun Queen" 

The Angel Makers

Richard Thieme

Eli Merritt, How To Save Democracy

Carthage track star Joseph White

Eleanor & Hick

NAMI of Kenosha County 

Dr. Ar Cyr

Carthage's Sustainability Summit

 "Hoop Muses" / "Winning Fixes Everything" 

Jim Padilla

Thomas Maier, "The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings" 

Adrian Goldsworthy, "Antony & Cleopatra"