The Morning Show

BJ Hollars:  "Wisconsin for Kennedy"

Pt 1- Force of Nature / Pt 2- Cabaret Cast

"Being White Today" 

Dying at Home

John Tate - Violence Prevention in Racine

Pt. 1- Tom Clavin "Throne of Grace" PT 2- WGTD GM Dave Cole

Tim Wendel:  "Rebel Falls" 

Supreme Court /  Plant Sale

International Water Safety Day


" Birth Day" 

William Kuhn on Lord Byron

Kailyn Palomares - Alyssa Firkus -  Cicadas

Patrick O'Donnell -  "The Unvanquished" 

CUSH's Walking School Bus Initiative

Pt.1- "Made in Asian America"  Pt. 2-  James Ripley

Fall Prevention / Science Moms

16th Street Studios

The Future of Higher Education

The musical "Nine" at Carthage

Divesity, Equity, Inclusion

Earth Day-  Oceans

David Coggins  "The Believer"

RTG's Stargirl

Jonathan Fanning- Creativity Unleashed

Dayvin Hallmon, Black String Triage Ensemble

Dr. Thomas Noer - "Soapy"  

Sy Montgomery, "Secrets of the Octopus" 

Kailyn Palomares

Wisconsin Public Radio Director Sarah Ashworth

Artist/illustrator Ed Steckley

Lyricist Tim Rice

"Charlie Hustle"  (Pete Rose) 

Adventures in Lifelong Learning 

David Baron:  "American Eclipse"  

Gardening expert Nina Koziol

Dr. Art Cyr

Debbie Irving -  2024 Update

Debbie Irving  "Waking Up White" 

The Cancer Detectives 

Carthage Institute of Paleontology 

Ann Liguori -  "Life on the Green"  

student apprentice with Delta Hawk Engines

The Suffragist Playbook

Dr. John Swallow

UW-Parkside Chancellor Dr. Lynn Akey

Kailyn Palomares / Laura Smith (Hawthorn Hollow) on Maple Sugaring

"On the Verge" at Carthage

Tiffany Jewell on Racism / Lakeside Players "The 39 Steps" 

Mia X Ally