The Morning Show

Edward J. Larson: "Franklin & Washington" 

"The Tigerbelles"  (Olympic track athletes) 

Dr. Art Cyr

"Wherever You've Been" / "Avenue Q" 

Ann B. Parson "The Birds of Dog" 

Steve Rogstad on Abraham Lincoln in Wisconsin

Holy Rosary Sports Night / Super Bowl

Nan Calvert / Dave Giordano

Dr. Kathleen Corley  "The Magic Place We Call School" 

David Anderson, Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra

Roger Moreano - Racism

Carthage Band Trip to Japan

"The Showman"  

Mark Herzberg / Rich Smith

DR. Ritu Raju, president of Gateway Technical College

Julie Farnum - "Domestic Darkness"  

Arlo Needs Glasses

UW-Parkside's Elizabeth Brownson

Courtroom Renovation; Mary K. Wagner, Frank Martinelli

UW-Parkside professor Keith Biddle

Remembering Bill Hayes

Peter Yost- Nazi Town USA

MIchael Clickner - Dial M for Murder

Pat Sobkowski / James Swanson

Pat Sobkowski on the U.S. Supreme Court

From Canvas to Cosmos

Nan Calvert/Laura Buska - Salt Awareness Week

Encore: The Rise of the Black QB

Luke Nichter: The Year that Broke Politics

War Correspondent Jane Ferguson/ Actor William Shatner

Rebroadcast:  "Of Time and Turtles" 

Raising a Child who can / The Boys of '36

2 basketball books

Madame Fromage / A Man & his Kitchen

Legacy Inspection Group

3 Christmas children's books including "Merry and Hark" 

Jessica DeBoer - Sing Along Messiah

Nan Calvert - Humble Oak Folk School

Clayton J. Szcech, "A Field Guide to Tequila" 

Dr. Rana Limbo on bereavement

A Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien

Weekend Performances

Kenosha Symphony Orchestra

RTG's Doug Instenes

Dr. Art Cyr


Mike Richman ("George Allen")

Steve Volk - "Fringe-ology."  

UW-Parkside Performances

Jim Schatzman (RVM / CAS)