The Morning Show

"Madoff Talks" 

Several Children's Books

Ron Cronovich "Economics and Film" 

Jack Rose (NAMI) / Sharon Price John (Stories & Heart) 

Soviet Art Symposium

A memorial tribute to Frank Germinaro

Dr. Holly Geyer (Mayo Clinic) 

Nan Calvert-  Salt Awareness Week

Music Critic Richard Goldstein

The Hunt for the Peggy C

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

"Guts and Genius" 

GTC's Stacy Riley

Heidi Wagner - the Passions Project

Holly Stanfield- The Trevor Project

Kate Andersen Brower on Elizabeth Taylor

Grace / Elvis ' 68 (rerun)

Rerun- 17 & 0

Rerun: "City of Refugees" 

Rerun - Uprooted

The Earl and the Pharaoh

John Schlimm - Gen-Z

Dennis Baron - "Free Speech" 

Bill SChutte - "Pump"

Sing Along Messiah

Nan Calvert - Solar Farms

Ken Wiele - "Musings" 

Andy Saunders:  Apollo Remastered

Apollo Remastered

Buddy Levy, author of Empire of Ice and Stone

RTG's LITTLE MERMAID / Spirit of Racine Music Makers

KSO and Kenosha Pops Xmas Concerts

Pearl Harbor

The Leak

Dr. Thomas Carr - Carthage paleontology 

You don't know what war is

Dr. Art Cyr

How to Win the Civil War / Reconnecting after Isolation

Natasha Lance Rogoff, "Muppets in Moscow" 

Robert J. Young - Vagabond Pilot

Anthony Rudel - Hello, Everybody! 

Michael Schulman - "Her Again:  Becoming Meryl Streep" 

Brian Lynch - Jeopardy contestant 

Rebecca Sheir - "Circle Round" 

Nan Calvert with Kyle Burton (WI DNR) 

Dr. Jerald Mast, Professor of Political Science

Steve Kemper - "Our Man in Tokyo" 

Robert Stone: "Taken Hostage"

Davod Bolger, author of "Our Year of War" 

Jeff Pearlman, "The Last Folk Hero"