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The Morning Show

One-of-a-kind interviews with locally and nationally-renowned authors, regional newsmakers, opinion leaders, educators, performers, athletes, and other intriguing members of the community. The program airs weekday mornings at 8:10.

Greg Berg

Greg Berg


Greg has been with WGTD in various capacities since 1986.

In addition to his duties at WGTD, Berg is a member of the Carthage College music faculty, teaching private voice lessons, directing the school’s opera program and serving as the principal accompanist for the Carthage Choir.

Greg also fills the role of Music Director at the Racine Theatre Guild and is the Minister of Music at Holy Communion Church in Racine.

He performs frequently with area music groups.


November 2

Elizabeth Mitchell, author of "Lincoln's Lie: A True Civil War Caper through Fake News, Wall Street and the White House."

November 4

No Morning Show.  We will remain with NPR's live coverage of election results.

November 5

Jennie C. Stephens, author of "Diversifying Power: Why We Need Anti-racist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy." 

November 6

Brian Muraresku, author of "The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Names."  The author examines the use of psychedelic substances in various religions dating back to ancient Greece.