Education Matters

Roger Schonfeld of Ithaka S+R joins host Karin Sconzert to discuss this change in higher education in Wisconsin.

Host Steve Brown interviews Robert Weatherwax, third generation family who has owned and trained "Lassie." 

Host Karin Sconzert discusses community mental health services and school-based mental health services offered by Racine Unified School District

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Marie Hargrove and Jacob Gorges  from the YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin To Discuss HSED Program 

 Host Joe Mangi welcomes Zina Haywood, Provost and Executive Vice President of Gateway Technical College.

Maker Mondays, Escape Rooms, Outdoor Movie Nights, and Food Trucks on Wednesdays at Lunch! These are just a few of the fun activities at Racine Public Library this summer and fall.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. John Rury from the University of Kansas

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Doug Damman and Nick Weirsum From The Kenosha Public Museum 

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Corey Drake, Head of of School and Dr. Kim Hufferd-Ackels, Founder and Educational Advisor from Open Wings. 

Host Karin Sconzert is joined by Brandi Cummings, Communications Specialist; Heather Thompson, Head of Youth & Family Services; and Shannon Urban, Head of Adult & Digital Services and at the Kenosha Public Library.

Host Joe Mangi welcomes KUSD School Board Members Mary Modder and Dr. Todd Price 

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Andrew Saultz, Associate Professor of Educational Policy and the Director of the Education and Leadership PhD Program at Pacific University to discuss Federal Education Policy under President Biden and Secretary Cardona. 

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis; who recently announced she is stepping down as Superintendent of Kenosha Unified School District, and her interim successor Dr. Bethany Ormseth.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Elaine Allensworth, the Lewis-Sebring Director of the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research to discuss the limitations of ACT scores in predicting college completion. 

Host Mike Falkofske talks with Kenosha Unified Students, Jamie Hall and Alana Carmickle as they discuss equity in education within Kenosha Unified School District.

Host Sammy Rangel, aka The Life Technican, welcomes Giselle Granados BSW who shares her tremendous story of overcoming adversities. 

Host Steve Brown discusses an upcoming Supreme Court case being heard on April 28 with some of the nations top law experts. The case regards a student who used her Snapchat, off school grounds, and was suspended.

 Host Mike Falkofske talks with retired educators; Mike Kehoe, Rey Palacios, and Karin Kempinen about how retired educators continue to serve their communities after retiring from their careers as educators.

New host Sammy Rangel, also known as "The Life Technician," discusses his former life of crime and tragedy and how he has turned it into a platform to help and educate others.

Host Joe Mangi discusses how special education, ESL (english as a second language), and other student support services adapted during COVID-19 and how KUSD plans on serving students in the future.

Host Len Iaquinta guest hosts to discuss diverse Learners and the focus on them in UW-Parkside’s education of future teachers.

WGTD Presents the 2021 Kenosha Unified School District School Board Forum moderated by Karin Sconzert  at The program will also be archived. featuring Mary Modder, Dr.

First time Host Mike Falkofske talks with former Kenosha Unified School Board members Carl Bryan and Gary Kunich about their experiences while serving on the Kenosha Unified School Board.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Ron Lieber, the "Your Money" columnist for the New York Times, with President John Swallow from Carthage College about college costs and the reasons for going to college. Lieber's new book,

Host Laura Sumner-Coon talks with Andrea Rittgers, Director of Student Services for Racine Unified School District, Katie Lichter, School Counselor at Gilmore Fine Arts School, Erin Leavitt, School Counselor at Gifford Sch

Host Joe Mangi welcomes Adelene Greene who is the lead organizer of Kenosha Kindness Week, which is occurring later this month.

Host Karin Sconzert discusses the Kenosha Public Library as they were awarded the 2020 Wisconsin Library of the Year award with Barb Brattin, Director of the Kenosha Public Libraries; Heather Thompson, Head of Youth &

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Gail Mentzel, Advisor TRIO Student Support Services and Fostering Success advisor, UW-Stout; Olivia Johnston, Senior at UW-Stout and Lead Peer Mentor for Fostering Success; Angie Ruppe, Directo

 Host Karin Sconzert discusses childhood trauma as a result of COVID-19 and the violent unrest in Kenosha over the summer with Dr.

Host Laura Sumner-Coon welcomes  to discuss the Moonshot Equity project, a project which aims to close the college completion gap among disadvantaged communities.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Sarah Hawks, Family and Community Educator at Extension Racine County since 2011 and Pam Wedig-Kirsch, a School Readiness and Family Resiliency Educator at UW-Madison Division of Extension Raci

Host Karin Sconzert discusses trauma and children at home and at school with Debbie Kelly, social work professor at Carthage College, Dominque Pritchett, licensed mental health clinician and owner and clinical director of

Host Troy McDonald welcomes Stephan Kalmar, Eugene Wooddell, Kathi Duanes, and Phillip Belongia; parents of children in the Racine Unified School District.

Host Joe Mangi Welcomes Jack Rose, former president of NAMI Kenosha and current Alderman of the 15th district in Kenosha 

Host Steve Brown welcomes Nicole Neily, President of "Speech First" and Karin Fischer.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Michelle Gehring and Nicole Smart from NAMI Racine County as they discuss teen mental health programs during the age of COVID-19.

 Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Cheryl Hernandez, Executive Director, Cassie Christianson, Program Coordinator, and Susan Remson, volunteer from the Kenosha Literacy Council. 

Host Dr. Steve Brown is joined by Heidi Gill, Senior Associate, at the National Equity Project.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Heather Thompson, Head of Youth & Family Services; Marcia Siehr, Head of Outreach Services; Brandi Cummings, Communications Specialist from the Kenosha Public Library

Host Joe Mangi welcomes Nicole Mayes, Director of Student Life at Statesman College Prep Middle School in Washinton, D.C..

Host Karin Sconzert discusses the KUSD IT team and how they've adapted during the pandemic with Annie Fredriksson, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Library Media for the Kenosha Unified School District, Jennifer

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Racine United School District Superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien and Shannon Gordon, Chief Operations Officer for the district.

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Leah Featherstone, Clincial Psychologist with Professional Services Group; Julie Hueller, Manager for the Racine Collaborative for Children's Mental Health at RUSD; and Andrea Rittgers Director

Host Karin Sconzert interviews discusses teaching from home at Julien Thomas Elementary School in Racine with Amy Simon, teacher, Tonya Wilson, teacher, Adriana Santana, Carthage College Urban Teacher Prep Program Student,

Host Joe Mangi issues a heartfelt address to the Class of 2020; sharing heartfelt stories of success, resilience, and perseverance. 

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis, Superintendent of Kenosha Unified School District 

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes families from Curtis Strange Elementary as the deal with educating their young ones from home. Guests include Kristin Gustin, Sarah Smith, Kristen Bertsch, Gina Copen, AND Jon-Bar-Din

Host Karin Sconzert welcomes UW-Parkside and Carthage teacher educators and student-teachers as they discuss having their student-teaching semester interrupted, and adjusting to teaching via video and computer. 

Host Steve Brown welcomes Matt Fraser.  They will discuss Matt's landmark 1986 U.S. Supreme Court case of  Bethel School District v. Fraser, 478 U.S.

Host Jeff Rasmussen welcomes author Chris Rosin.