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Community Matters

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes the organizers of "Feather-A-Nest:" Diane and Jim Wittenberg and Cynthia Sir. 

Host Jim McClure welcomes Walworth County Administrator David Bretl to discuss the 2018 Budget. Also, Nicole Hill, Walworth County representative to the Southern Housing Consortium.

A forum with Alderman John Tate II and Gretta Neubauer; both are vying for the State Assembly seat vacated by newly elected Mayor of Racine Cory Mason. 

Host Len Iaquinta discusses both Kenosha and Racine Workforce Development programs with Doug Bartz, Director of the Kenosha County Job Center; Hope Otto, Human Services Director for Racine County Workforce Development; Travis Richardson, Data Manager for Racine County Workforce Development, and Mark Mundl, Manager of Racine Workforce Solutions. 

Host Jim McClure welcomes Jim Weis; the Board Chairman of the Town of Linn and the Village Administrator of Williams Bay. 

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes Rev. Tony Larsen who is stepping down as reverend at the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universialist Church

Len Iaquinta welcomes Good Fellows Board Member and CFO of Platinum Systems Danny Carlson. 

Host Len Iaqunita welcomes the new Chief Executive Officer of the Kenosha Community Health Center Brent Rafferty 

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes Mayor-elect of Racine Cory Mason 

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes Rose Nelson, President and Director of the Wild Root Market; Marcia Buhler, the Capital Campaign Chairperson; and Margie Michicich, Secretary of the Board. 

In part one, Lynn Biese-Carroll; Shalom Center Director  &  Lisa Sanders; Shalom Center Director of Programs. In part two, Pastor Jonathan Barker of Grace Lutheran Church and Pastor Kathleen Gloff of President of CUSP  (Congregations United to Serve Humanity) and Pastor of Somers Community United Church of Christ.  Part one was recorded Thursday before broadcast; part two on Tue.


Host Linda Flashinski discusses the rising opioid crisis in the area with the Racine County Human Services Director Hope Otto, and the Racine County Director of Behavioral Health Michelle Goggins. 

Len Iaquinta welcomes President and CEO of the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce Lou Molitor, an President of Gateway Technical College Bryan Albrecht. 

Kenosha District Attorney Mike Graveley 

Community Matters- Foxconn Edition featuring interviews conduction by Greg Berg. 

Linda Flashinski welcomes Chris Paulson; Executive Director of the Racine Heritage House. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers; the two democratic challengers for Paul Ryan's 1st Congressional District seat. 

​Jim McClure's guest is Walworth County Veterans Service Officer Nate Bond.

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes the Mayor of Racine John Dickert

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser. 

Host Linda Flashinski is joined by Rev. Tony Larsen from the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universialist Church, Church patron Diane Lange, and Valeria Reese from Voces De La Fronteria to discusses the churches decision to become a Sanctuary area in Racine. 

Len Iaquinta welcomes Miss Kenosha 2017 Kaitlyn Rhey. 

Host Jim McClure welcomes the Director of Tours and Special Programs for the Yerkes Observatory Dan Koehler to discuss the latest news for stargazers and visitors this Summer.

Host Linda Flashinski welcomes Nicole Safar; Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Milwaukee. 

Williams Bay Historical Society Co-Founders Greg Trush and John Grove join Society President Pat Grove and Host Jim McClure as the Wonders of Williams Bay walking tour event is discussed.

    Host Linda Flashinski welcomes Chip Wood; the Executive Director of Family Service of Racine. 

    Len Iaquinta welcomes the Mayor of Kenosha John Antaramian

    Jim McClure interviews Dawn Froncek , Marketing and Membership Manager for the Walworth County Visitors Bureau on Easter and Spring activities.

    Racial tensions in America in the Trump Era; host Linda Flashinski welcomes Rabbi Dena Feingold and Nabeeh El-Amin 

    Len Iaquinta returns with The CEO of First Step Services Tracy Krisor. First Step is a refuge center serving Kenosha's most vulnerable citizens. Also, volunteer at First Step Services Bob Waldron. 

    Host Jim McClure speaks with the new owner and re-developer of the Geneva Theater, Shad Branen,We also hear from Friends of the Geneva Theater organizer Janelle Powers, and finally Richard Dreiser, tour director emeritus of Yerkes Observatory.

    Linda Flashinski welcomes the County Executive of Racine County Jonathan Delagrave 

    Host Troy McDonald welcomes Dr. Brad Reimann; Clinical Director, OCD Center and CBT Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital.  

    Host Troy McDonald welcomes Miss Latina Racine 2017 and UW-Parkside Student Maria Castillo. 

    Jim McClure has three guests on three timely topics:  Williams Bay Business Association President Jim D'Allesandro, George Williams College of Aurora University Nursing Chair Dr. April Folgert, and Visit Lake Geneva President and CEO Darien Schaefer.

    Host Linda Flashinski discusses Gateway Technical College's GED/HSED options with Cyndean Jennings; Dean of Developmental Education,  Hope Otto; Racine County Human Services Director, and Mike Frontier; President of the Racine Board of Education 


    Linda Flashinski discusses HOST: Homeless Overnight Sanctuary. A new Homeless shelter in Racine. 

    Len Iaqunita welcomes Danny Carlson; CEO of GoodFellows of Kenosha. 

    Jim McClure welcomes Walworth County Executive Dave Bretl 

    Marlo Harmon welcomes Democratic Candidate for Racine County District Attorney Tom Binger.

    Marlo Harmon discusses the Immigration Task Force with Vice President of the Racine Interfaith Coalition Linda Boyle and Sue Spicer; a member of RIC. 

    Len Iaquinta discusses the Neighborhood Watch Program with officers Jeff Wamboldt and Ron Francis. 

    Host Jim McClure discusses volunteer needs with Colleen Lesniak, volunteer coordinator for Walworth County.

    Marlo Harmon welcomes the Deputy District Attorney Patricia Hanson of Racine. She is running as a Republican Candidate for District Attorney. 

    Len Iaqunita welcomes Debra Karp- Director of Community Engagement & Outreach at UW-Parkside and Jason Meekma, Focus on Community a Racine Substance Abusive Prevention 

    Jim McClure's guest is Kathy Seeberg, Executive Director of the Walworth County Visitors Bureau.

    Jim McClure interviews Harold Friestad, chairman of the Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy, a 231 acre nature preserve of prairies, forests and wetlands just north of Geneva Lake in Walworth County.

    Marlo Harmon welcome Racine Unified School District Board Member Bob Wittke. 

    Jim McClure's guest is Dan Koehler, Director of Tours and Special Programs at the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, looking at summer skies and future plans for the facility.

    Marlo Harmon discuses the "Visioning a Greater Racine" program with President Tom Buhler, Vice President Tammy Hayward, and Board Member Olatoye Baiyewu