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Community Matters

Host Len Iaquinta discussed the controversy over the Christopher Columbus sculpture stands looking West in Kenosha’s Harbor Park. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcome John Mielke, Executive Director of Marketing and Communication at UW-Parkside. 

Host Len Iaquinta hosts the 2020 1st Congressional District, Wisconsin Democratic Candidates Forum featuring Josh Pade and Roger Polack for Congress. The winner will face Brian Steil in November. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon continues her series on race in the WGTD listening area with Angela Cunningham, former prosecutor for the Milwaukee DA’s ; Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Milton Childs who was appointed to the bench in Branch 41 by Tony Evers; and Darren Crawford, a Racine Public Defender. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon continues her series on race  with Angela Cunningham, former prosecutor for the Milwaukee DA’s office and quit, partly due to the systemic racism in the system; Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Milton Childs who was appointed to the bench in Branch 41 by Tony Evers; and Darren Crawford, a Racine Public Defender who was active in the protests in Racine over the summer. 

Host Jayne Herring Adelene Greene and Laura Cox of the Rainbow Voices Book Club. The club can be accessed via Facebook. 

Host Len Iaquinta discusses morality, ethics, and COVID-19 with Pastor Susan Patterson-Sumwalt of First United Methodist Church; Pastor Jonathan Barker of Grace Lutheran Church;  and Associate Professor Christopher Hudspeth, who teaches Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

Host Laura Sumner-Coon welcomes Kelly Scroggins-Powell and Mary Mazzeo Pucci, friends – one white, one black – who in agonizing over racism in Racine, decided to create a Facebook forum for women in the area who felt the same and could share their experiences. Racine Women for Racial Justice was born.

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Jeff Wamboldt from the Neighborhood Watch program. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Mike Serpe, former Pleasant Prairie Village Board Trustee who recently stepped down after 31 years of service.

Host Laura Sumner Coon features Jessica MacPhail, director of the Racine Public Library, who talks about the role the library plays in the community as well as all of the adjustments the library has made to serve the community during this pandemic.

Host Len Iaquinta Kenosha Department of Public Works Waste and Recycling Superintendent Keir Powell. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Jen Freiheit, Ph.D., director of the Kenosha County’s Division of Health and Dr. Mary Ouimet, Chief Executive Officer, of the Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc.. 

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Tara Panasewicz, Chief Executive Officer at United Way of Kenosha County; and Katie Oatsvall, Executive Director at Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services. 

“S.E. WIS. BUSINESSES RESPONDING TO COVID-19” Guest: Todd Battle, President, Kenosha Area Business Alliance, KABA.

Len Iaquinta interviews Rochelle Nelson, Clinical Asst. Prof. and Dir. of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin—Parkside; and Frank Hicks, Professor and Dir. of Nursing at Carthage College.

Host Jayne Herring welcomes John Morrisey, Director of City Inspection for The City of Kenosha and Matt Rejc, Manager of Racine Neighborhood Services.  

Host Len Iaquinta discusses the renewed Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families with Gina Green-Harris, Director, Dr. Diamond D. Hanson, Assistant Director, and Preneice Love, Community Strategist in Racine.

Host Jayne Herring discusses animal humane societies with Kirstin Girella, from Alive Rescue, and Angela Speed, from the Wisconsin Humane Society- Racine chapter, and Adolfo Dorta, from Safe Harbor Humane Society. 

Host Laura Sumner-Coon welcomes members from the Over our Head Players from Racine's famed Sixth Street Theater

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Alicia Chovan from the SouthShore Relators Association. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Jennifer BIas, Trial Division Director and Jon Padgham, Deputy State Public Defender.

Host Jayne Herring welcomes the John Antaramian, Mayor of Kenosha to dicsuss the proposed multi-year downtown redevelopment plan. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Cara Pratt, Sustainability and Conservation Coordinator for the City of Racine;  Bob Lindmeier. Chief meteorologist at WKOW TV, and Tom Rutkowski. Vice Chair of the Southeast Gateway Group of the Sierra Club.  

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Gai Lorenzen, Executive Director of HALO (she recently announced her retirement); and Tamara Coleman, Executive Director and Lisa Sanders Director of Programs and operations from the Shalom Center. 

Host Len Iaqunita welcomes State Senator Bob Wirch and Leif Peterson of the Grace Lutheran Church Welcome Center.

Jayne Herring welcomes Horace Staples, Lieutenant - Director of Emergency Management and Jeff Bliss, Team Leader of the Tactical Response Team 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Sharmain Harris, founder of the Dedicated Dads Program, and Kyle Smith, a father that benefitted from the program. 

Jayne Herring discusses Habitat For Humanity with  LeAnn Launstein, Executive Director of Racine Habitat for Humanity, Angela Elliott, Executive Director of Kenosha Habitat for Humanity, and Heidi Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator for Kenosha Habitat for Humanity. 


Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Pam Handrow, Executive Director of Bethany Apartments. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Juan Torres, KUSD Coordinator of Diversity, Student, and Family Engagement. 

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Dr. Gary Jackson and James Shatzman, Executive Director of the Racine Vocational Ministries to discuss the upcoming "Re-Entry Expo" desgined to help inmates returning to civilian life recieve gainful employment. 


Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Jeff Neubauer, Executive Director and Chelsea Powell, Deputy Director from Higher Expectations in Racine. 

Host Len Iaquinta begins an occasional series on infant mortality in S.E. Wis.  The Kenosha Lifecourse Initiative for Health Families hosted a forum on infant mortality in July 2019.  It emphasized the importance of “social determinants of health.”  Today’s guests examine that concept from a national perspective and place local efforts in context with latest research and policy.  They are from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, headquartered in Milwaukee: Michelle Hinton, Dir. of Impact, Population Health, and Well-Being; and Barbara Armstrong, Director of Development.  Learn more at and

Host Jayne Herring discusses summer youth programs with Jeanne Brenner, Recreation Supervisor for the City of Racine. From the Kenosha YMCA, Dr. Rachel Mall, Youth & Family Director & Frank Neighborhood Project; and Beth Volbrecht, Aquatics & Sports Director.

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Ruth Donalds, long standing Foster Parent and Lisa Retzlaff, Director of Residential Care at Kenosha Human Development Services. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes , and Dottie -Kay Bowersox, Public Health Administrator for the City of Racine. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Jim Kreuser, Kenosha County Executive

Kenosha County and City Parks System and Summer Events. Host Jayne Herring welcomes Kris Kochman, Community Relations Liaison for the City of Kenosha, and Matthew Collins, Director of Kenosha County Parks. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Cory Mason, Mayor of the City of Racine

Host Len Iaquinta is joined by Carli McNeill, Assistant District Attorney for Kenosha County. 

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Derek D'Auria, the Executive Director of the Walworth County Economic Development Alliance.

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Tatjana BicaninExecutive Director and Eric LequesneResearch and Evaluation Manager of Building our Future Kenosha County. 

Len Iaquinta welcomes Penny Lyter, Associate Professor- Health, Exercise Science & Sport Management Department at UW-Parkside

This program describes how for-profit businesses and not-for-profit businesses can connect with Univ. of Wis.-Parkside faculty on the morning of May 3 on campus. Many projects of mutual benefit have resulted.
Register at:
Register for the whole morning, or only  the 10 a.m. keynote by national nonprofit leader Susan Dreyfus.


Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive; Hope Otto, Director of Racine County Human Services, and Ed Kamin, Superintendent of Juvenile Detention Center discuss juvenile justice. 

Host Len Iaquinta welcomes Peter Barca, Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary. 

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Cassie Christianson, Program Director at the Kenosha Literacy Council. 

Host Len Iaquinta discusses law enforcement and drug crimes in Kenosha County, with an undercover Sargent speaking on the condition of anonymity 

Host Jayne Herring welcomes Kris Kochman, Community Relations Liaison for the CIty of Kenosha, Patti Lock, Director of Special Events at The Tall Ships Challenge, and Andrew Sadock, ship captain  to diccuss the Kenosha Tall Ships events happening later this year. 

Host Laura Sumner Coon welcomes Dr. Arletta Frazier-Tucker Co-Owner with her husband Rev. Myron Tucker of the Peace of Mind Shelter; and Lesia Hill-Driver, Owner and Operator of the Lesia Land of Love Shelter.