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Waterford vs Burlington  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Martin Luther vs St Catherines  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Westosha Central vs Union Grove  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

Dominican vs St. Catherines (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

Park vs Case (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Waterford vs Union Grove (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

Case vs Horlick (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

St. Thomas More vs Racine Lutheran  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

Park vs Horlick (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

St Catherines vs Martin Luther  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Burlington vs. Case (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Lake Mills vs St. Catherines (Audio Only- Boys Basketball) 

Case vs  Prairie  (Audio Only- Boys Basketball)

WIAA State Finals - Division 4 - Racine St. Cats vs St. Croix Central  at Camp Randall Stadium (Audio Only) 

WIAA State Finals - Division 6- Racine Lutheran vs Lola Scandinavia at Camp Randal Stadium (Audio Only) 

WIAA 2018 Playoffs- Week 4 Racine. St. Catherines vs Lakeside Lutheran 7:00pm  (Audio Only)

WIAA 2018 Playoffs- Week 3   Racine. St. Catherines (#1) vs Martin Luther (#3) (Audio Only)

Girls Volleyball- Sectional 7 Final @ Case (AUDIO ONLY) 

WIAA 2018 Playoffs- Week 2  Sheboygan Falls at Racine. St. Catherines (Audio Only)

WIAA 2018 Playoffs- Week 1 Burlington at Brookfield East (Audio Only) 7:00pm 

Indian Trail @ Horlick (Audio Only)  7PM.

Martin Luther @ St. Catherine’s - Horlick Field.  (Audio Only) 6:45pm 

Waterford @ Westosha Central 

Horlick @ Case (Audio Only) 6:45pm 

Park @ Horlick (Audio Only) 

Franklin @ Case (Audio Only) 

Shoreland @ Racine Lutheran (Audio Only) 

St. Catherine's @ Union Grove (Audio Only) 

Horlick @ Burlington (Audio Only) 6:45pm 

University School @ Catholic Central (Audio Only) 6:45pm 

WIAA Playoffs: Roncalli vs Prairie School @Waukesha South (AUDIO Only 1:00pm 

D2 Regional Quarterfinal - #11Milton at #6 Burlington 7PM (AUDIO Only) 

Prairie at St. Catherine's 7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Whitefish Bay Dominician at Racine St. Catherines  6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

Lutheran at Burlington Catholic Central 6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

Case at Horlick 6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

Martin Luther at St. Catherines  6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

Park at Horlick  6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

St Catherines at Prairie 6:45pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Catholic Central at Racine Lutheran  7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Case at Park  6:45pm (AUDIO ONLY 

Waterford at Union Grove 7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Horlick at St. Catherine's 7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Burlington vs Waterford 7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

Horlick at Park 7:00pm (AUDIO ONLY

Martin Luther at The Prairie School 7:00pm (AUDIO ONLY

St. Catherines at Union Grove 7:00pm (AUDIO ONLY

Racine Lutheran vs Fon Du Lac St. Mary's Springs 7:00pm (AUDIO ONLY) 

Muskego vs Horlick 7:00pm  (AUDIO ONLY

WGTD Sports Live on Facebook: Lake Geneva vs Franklin 7:00pm