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Part 2 of a series on threats to mobile devices and through mobile devices. Tactics and techniques to deal with those threats.

Cohost: Tom Dean – Consulting Ventures

Part 1 of a two-part series on threats to mobile devices and through mobile devices. Tactics and techniques to deal with those threats.

Cohost: Tom Dean – Consulting Ventures

Today's Theme:  The process of determining how workloads should be hosted is very complex and not a decision that should be abdicated to the IT service provider.

Saturday, September 2, 2023: Breakfast Bytes with Felicia King and her guest, Kyle Wentworth.

August 5, 2023: BREAKFAST BYTES with Felicia King.


Kyle Wentworth of Wentworth Consulting Group joins Felicia today to compare/contrast three C-suite level IT/IS related roles.

Breakfast Bytes with Felicia King for Saturday, 3 June 2023.

Saturday, May 6th Breakfast Bytes with Felicia King.

Methods to prevent business email compromise.


BREAKFAST BYTES with Felicia King

Saturday, March 4, 2023: 10:00 a.m.

Breakfast Bytes for Saturday, February 4, 2023 with Felicia King.

Google and how they do their technology

Things that make security hard.

The relationship between proper data handling and real risk reduction.


Felicia King:  "Here’s a Recent question I got:"

BREAKFAST BYTES with your host, Felicia King.  November 5, 2022.

Information Security, Cybersecurity, and Everyone’s Responsibility.

Felicia King's guest today is Ken Dwight.

A Re-Broadcast:  The topic today is: Privileged Asset Management (PAM.)

Felicia King's guest today on Breakfast Bytes is Greg Cloon who works at QPC Security as an Enterprise Security Architect.

Breakfast Bytes with Felicia King.  

The topic today is: Privileged Asset Management (PAM.)


Cybersecurity insurance requires MFA for all internal and external administrative access. How do you accomplish this?

API Security and why every business should fund their IT Security or go out of business. 


Check out dark patterns for scam awareness.

  • Problems with and limitations in many assessments
  • Many assessment report results from automated tools can be incomplete, incorrect, or pretzel talk

Identity theft via insecure credit APIs and Integrated IT risk management part 2

How to avoid cybersecurity insurance fraud.

Kaseya VSA Breach Analysis

Practical Usage of Cyber Liability Insurance

Location Services, Face Unlock on iPhone, Colonial Pipeline attack

Incident response and strategies for mitigating supply chain attacks

Exchange HAFNIUM attack

· Pretty much every Exchange server on the planet got hacked that was internet accessible without protections in front of it

Challenges with having baseline 101 level quality IT services

Beware of outsourced help desks

Items to use to assess your IT services provider

Dark web scanning, identity and access management, cybersecurity training for staff

Counterparty Risk

Solarwinds hack and how it related Dominion voting machines

Juice jacking - don't use public charging stations

Overview of the secure endpoint strategy you need to be using for 2021

Zero trust cybersecurity posture concepts. How many agents should be on an endpoint? Examples of some good products we should use and why Concepts of the technology security stack

Bluetooth BLUR attacks

Bluetooth range estimator

How easy is it to not get hacked?


Wireless troubleshooting transitive trust agreements and how they introduce risk to your organization.

Real world examples of small business security compliance problems

Geofence Warrants, Waze for COVID 


Those who invested in security proactively are in an excellent condition now.


Waze for COVID

Wireless security, wireless TCO, 3-2-1 backup strategy, MFA and IP access control strategies

Vehicles and privacy

Location services issues and how it relates to personal physical security

Why many IT business decision makers make mistakes. Why bidding out IT jobs often fails

Topics: Sim jacking, More AWS data breaches affect hundreds of thousands of people, Hacking using smart light bulbs, IoT bricker, MFA options

email security and cyber risk insurance  htt

The dark side of smart cities, A clothing line designed to distract the panopticon, Geofencing warrants, and horror stories of hospital IN-security

Facial recognition, systems with Windows Defender compromised, and 11 recent security vulnerabilities highlight the necessity of viable network layer security strategy.


Security News 

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FTC vs LabMD court case and what we can learn from it.