In Between the Music

The theme for this month's program is "Shadow and Light," with your host Lily Miceli.

In Between the Music: HOLIDAY Theme with Lily Miceli

In Between the Music: With Lily Miceli - "THANKS & GIVING."

Host Lily Miceli's theme today is: MAGIC.

Today's program is a re-run from past programs.

IN BETWEEN THE MUSIC: "The Theme for the September 24th program is "Autumn," with your Host, Lily Miceli

IBM- "In Between the Music" with Lily Miceli -


Saturday, August 27th @ 10:00 a.m.


On today's "In Between the Music," with host Lily Miceli, the theme for today's program is "Music and Moments."

Experience Music & Wind with Host Lily Miceli

Experience the Music of Courage & Confidence with Host Lily Miceli

Experience the Music of Day & Night with Host Lily Miceli

Experience Music of peace with Host Lily Miceli

After nearly a decade, In Between the Music with host Lily Miceli Returns to WGTD.