Fab Lab Ten A.M.

FabLAB for November 11, 2023.

FABLab for October 14, 2023

FabLab for Saturday, September 9, 2023.

August 12, 2023:  FabLab.

FabLab: July 8, 2023.

 FabLab for June 10, 2023:  The hosts will be Interviewing Gateway Exchange Students from New College in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The guest today on Fab Lab is Gateway Technical Colleges Sue LaCanne, Instructor of Gateway's Graphic Design Program.

Today's program explores Gateway's Alternative Growing Methods class, and how the Fab Lab teams up to support it. 

Fab Lab  for March 11, 2023

This week Desmar McDuffie, Shayla Malone and Elizabeth Kennedy joined us to talk about Black History Month and the involvement of the FABLAB. They did an amazing job, and it is worth listening to.

Fab Lab: January 14, 2023.