$335,000 Vaccine Promotional Campaigns Underway or Planned in Racine

May 7, 2021 5:30p

(WGTD)---With daily vaccination rates beginning to dip, the City of Racine is planning a huge media campaign to persuade residents to get vaccinated against COVID.

City administration is proposing to hire Kane Communications to use up to $235,000 in federal grant money to develop an ad campaign and buy a wide range of media.

The goal is to have 75% of the city's population vaccinated by the end of Aug. According to state data, almost 40% of Racine County's population has received at least one dose. 

A Racine City Council committee will consider the proposal next week.

A separate community outreach project is already underway with a $100,000 state grant. That program is funding a partnership with several organizations, including Higher Expectations of Racine County and the Racine/Kenosha Black Nurses Association. The project also involves hiring part-time about two-dozen community leaders in minority communities.