Brace Yourself: Possible KUSD Building Closures, Boundary Changes

May 26, 2023 2:10p

(WGTD)---Potential district-wide upheaval is ahead in Kenosha Unified.

Several months ago, the school board voted to begin a process of consolidating school buildings as enrollment continues to fall.

This week the topic came up again as the board signed off on hiring a consultant.

Board member Rebecca Stevens reminded her colleagues that having reliable data to work with was helpful when the district realigned high school boundaries a number of years ago.

Her comments led to this response from Kris Keckler, a lead administrator for the upcoming consolidation process: "We're a large district--you guys know this. Any change or tweak in program formats, locations, boundary scenarios---they will have a domino effect and it will be at a level that we haven't done before...this is huge." 

The school board is expected to receive recommendations from the consultant, working in tandem with a district committee, later this year.