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Coalition Organizer: Operating Referendum in KUSD's Future

Dec. 6 2023 12:15p

(WGTD)---An organizer for a Kenosha citizens’ group that’s fighting for educational reforms says he’s convinced that sooner or later voters in Kenosha Unified will be asked to approve a referendum authorizing the district to exceed state-mandated levy limits.

Kyle Flood is also a former school board member. "It's absolutely inevitable and if you talk to administrators off the record I bet they would tell you that too," Flood said at an event held Tuesday night at the Union Club that was organized by the Kenosha Education Justice Coalition.

The group is fighting plans by the district to close schools to save money, but Superintendent Jeff Weiss says that accepting all of the recommendations would only cut the estimated deficit for next year in half.

Flood says the coalition wants the district to get more creative and at least consider a referendum. "The Coalition has been calling for an operating referendum," Flood said. "Every district that's comparable to us has done one. We're really behind and we got to get it done."

The school board is expected to vote next Tuesday on the administration’s plan to close several elementary schools and Lincoln Middle School.

Parents at Lincoln are fighting back. They’re collecting petition signatures and organizing a pre-school rally that’ll be held Friday morning across the street at Lincoln Park.

Before the so-called right-sizing proposal goes before the school board Tuesday, the district’s right-sizing advisory committee will meet Thursday night at 5:30 in the Educational Support Center. The committee, which has been meeting regularly for much of the year, is to review and discuss the administration’s recommendations.