Cold Case Yields an Arrest

Mar. 8, 2023 8:45p

(WGTD)---A 23-year-old cold case in Racine has led to charges and an arrest.

66-year-old Lucas Ascencio Alonso allegedly strangled 37-year-old Linda Fields under a tree in 2000. Fields was a mother of three, according to a report in the Journal Times, including Carl Fields, who currently directors a drop-in day shelter in Racine. 

According to the criminal complaint, the defendant left a bar with the victim and wound up having sex in the 1100 block of Lake Ave. Her body was found under a pine tree.

Advances in DNA analysis led the state crime lab to find a 'hit' with the DNA of a man whose samples were found on Field's body with a relative of the suspect.

Investigators whittled down the options and eventually obtained a search warrant in the case. That warrant allowed them to pull over a car in which the defendant was riding in, and obtain a swab of the suspect's  DNA.

A few weeks later, the lab confirm that Ascencio Alonso's DNA matched the DNA found on the body.

According to the complaint, the defendant reportedly admitted that he had strangled Field after she complained that he wasn't performing up to par.

The defendant, however, claims the woman was alive and talking when he walked away. 

In court Wednesday, bond for Ascencio Alonso was set at $1 million.