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Community Matters: Racine Climate Conference

Nov. 16, 2019 7:05p: Updated  Nov. 17

(WGTD)--- Global warming was the topic of Saturday's Community Matters on WGTD.

Guests were three people who spoke at a conference on climate change held in Racine this past weekend.

WKOW weatherman Bob Lindmeier is alarmed by the relatively recent warming of the atmosphere—and the world’s less-than-aggressive response. For one thing, Lindmeier advocates for the wider implementation of carbon fees to make renewable energy sources more attractive.

For the full program, click here. 

Lindmeier was joined by two other speakers that participated in the event, Cara Pratt, Racine's sustainability coordinator and Tom Rutkowski, president of the Sierra Club in southeast Wisconsin.

The conference was sponsored by several environmental groups.