Former Foxconn Exec to Release Book On Mt. Pleasant Project

March 10, 2022 8:40p

(WGTD)---A former Foxconn executive who played a key role in bringing Foxconn to Mt. Pleasant has written a book about the project. 

Alan Yeung's "Flying Eagle: How Terry Gou and Foxconn Answered Trump's Call to Invest and Reshore Manufacturing in America" is on sale now through Amazon. The book, though, won't be released until March 18th. 

On its website, Amazon says the memoir is a triumph for those who dare to dream big. In 2018, Foxconn was promising to build a mammoth campus and employee up to 13,000. Those plans never materialized. At the moment, Foxconn is building servers and related components with several hundred people.

In an interview with WTMJ this week in advance of the book's release, Yeung was asked whether Foxconn overpromised. Yeung said, "If you don't aim high, you'll never get there. I think we're not going to apologize for trying hard." 

Yeung's book is not the only one out there on Foxconn. Last year journalist Lawrence Tabak released a book titled "Foxconned: Imaginary Jobs, Bulldozed Homes and the Sacking of Local Government." 

Yeung is now described as a business consultant. He recently bought a home in the Milwaukee area.