Headway Made in Coming Up With New Uses for School Properties

June 8, 2024 8a

(WGTD)---A half-dozen soon-to-be vacant Kenosha Unified school buildings are expected to change hands under a land swap with the city that's designed to put the properties to good use.

KUSD and the city announced the tentative deal Friday afternoon.

WGTD previously reported that KTEC West (the former McKinley Middle School) and McKinley Elementary would be demolished to make way for single-family homes and a park. That's if plans come to fruition as outlined in city Plan Commission documents.

The city is also in line to receive Washington Middle School on Sheridan Rd.,  and Jefferson Elementary and the Jefferson Annex.  The latter two buildings sit east of 22nd Ave. by several blocks and are just south of Washington Park.

Kenosha Unified would receive control of KTEC East, a building that the district has leased from the city. KTEC East used to be known as Lincoln Elementary and is located just south of Lincoln Middle School, soon to become home to a consolidated KTEC under the district's right-sizing plan. The news release hints that the KTEC East property could be used for parking to support the new KTEC. 

Potential redevelopment plans for these properties weren't revealed, although developing affordable housing was listed in the release as a top priority.

The plans must still be approved by the Kenosha City Council and the Kenosha School Board.