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Kenosha County Racial & Ethnic Equity Commission Back in Action With an Abortion-Related Item on the Agenda

Oct. 18, 2023 10p

(WGTD)---The Kenosha County Racial & Ethnic Equity Commission appears to have become a platform to highlight conservative causes. 

Last month the Commission took up a resolution on expanding voucher schools. 

On the agenda for Thursday's Commission meeting is a presentation by the Alliance Women's Clinic, which has an office at 2915 60th St. in Kenosha. On its website, the crisis pregnancy clinic states that it neither provides or makes referrals for abortions. 

The Commission was created two years ago to ostensibly tackle issues related to race. 

At its last meeting, the president of the local chapter of the NAACP criticized the commission for accomplishing little. 

The comment drew a rebuke from Commissioner Brian Thomas, who maintained progress was being made at the committee level. 

Thursday night's agenda includes an item titled "subcommittee reports."

The meeting will be held in the Kenosha County Center at highways 50 & 45 beginning at 6.