KSD Warns Against Falling for 'Grandkid in Jail' Scam

Sept. 14 2023 9:50p

(WGTD)---A familiar scam sadly hooked a pair of elderly Kenosha County residents in separate cases this week.

According to a report from the sheriff’s department, a man impersonating an attorney made contact with the victims, claiming to represent their grandchildren who were recently arrested and in need of bond money.

Both victims agreed to meet with a man described as a “bail bondsman.” In each case, the phony bondsman showed up at the victims’ homes, had a phone conversation with the supposed attorney in the victims' presence, in an apparent effort to enhance the charade, and eventually collected the requested large sums of cash before leaving.

The story should’ve raised several red flags.

For one thing, Wisconsin doesn’t use “bail bondsmen.”

The sheriff’s department also notes that bail needs to be posted in person at the Public Safety Building.

The department asks that anyone confronted with a similar scenario to contact law enforcement and make a report.