KUSD: Smoking in the Boys (And Girls) Room About to Get Harder

Apr. 23, 2024 12:25p 

(WGTD)---Kenosha Unified is planning to use money from a class action lawsuit to buy dozens of devices that are designed to detect vaping by students in bathrooms.

The district is receiving over $350,000 in settlement funds in a lawsuit that had been filed against JUUL Altria, a company that was accused of illegally marketing to minors and understating the health detriments of its vaping products. $165,000 from the allocation will be used to buy over 71 devices that’ll be wired and placed in high school and middle school bathrooms.

The machines purportedly can detect what type of product is being used—nicotine or THC—then can sound an alarm that’ll be picked up by school personnel.

In addition to harboring health concerns for students, the district is concerned about plumbling-related expenses. Students have regularly been trying to get rid of vaping materials by flushing them down the toilet.