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Madrigranos Kick Off "Don't Drive Then Drink" Matching Grant Campaign

There is a new twist on the old “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign. The Kenosha County Substance Abuse Coalition (KCSAC) recently introduced its “Don’t Drive Then Drink” campaign---and---on Monday morning---local philanthropists Kathy and Joseph Madrigrano Junior---donated $2,500 to the group’s $10,000 matching grant campaign. Guida Brown---the co-chair of the coalition---said, “People can’t make good decisions once they start drinking. Alcohol turns off the good, rational part of your brain. So, the plan is don’t drive to a place where you’re going to have a couple of drinks. Leave the car home and figure out a different way to get there.” Joe Madrigrano added, “Programs like this save lives.”

The money will be used to sustain and expand the "Don’t Drive Then Drink" campaign and to initiate a campaign to eliminate the stigma for those with substance abuse disorders. A Leadership Kenosha team worked with the coalition on the campaign. Potential donors can go on-line to to leverage the matching funds.

Pictured L-R:  Kathy and Joseph Madrigrano Jr., Leadership Kenosha team members Sabrina Morgan, Josh Covelli and Lisa Retzlaff, KCSAC co-chair Guida Brown