Man Linked to Anti-Semitic Flyers Pleads Not Guilty to Littering Tickets

Sept. 9, 2022 11:55a

(WGTD)---The man cited for littering for allegedly scattering anti semitic flyers in Kenosha neighborhoods pleaded not guilty in Municipal Court Friday.

56-year-old Jeffrey Kidder said he plans to argue that the littering ordinance was used inappropriately and that his case is a matter of free speech.

In a conversation in the hall after court with reporters, Kidder declined to admit that he was responsible for distributing the flyers--although he said he had some with him. He also declined to say whether he planned to hire an attorney. 

Kidder repeated the often-times heard, baseless claims that the media and government are controlled by the Jewish population.

Back in court, Municipal Judge Michael Easton said he planned to set a date for a status conference in the case, and, as a matter of routine, will notify the state Attorney General’s office, as they may want to participate in the case because of the constitutionality element.

Kidder is facing 23 citations and hundreds of dollars of fines if found guilty.

The flyers, in plastic baggies weighted down with pebbles, started showing up on streets and sidewalks late last year, and then periodically after that. The distributions occurred during the overnight hours.

Kidder was cited after a third-shift officer noticed some suspicious behavior, leading to a follow-up investigation.

Kenosha Rabbi Dena Feingold told WGTD earlier this week that she’s not aware of any additional flyer distributions since Kidder was fingered, although similar cases have showed up in other cities in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.