New Online Guides for Racine Beach-Goers; Kenosha County Trail Users

June 6, 2023 9p

(WGTD)---For beach-goers in Racine, and trail-users in Kenosha County, new interactive guides have just recently been published.

In Kenosha County, a website created by the county’s Division of Parks includes links to information about the county’s various multiuse and hiking trails, paved pathways, bicycle routes, mountain bike trails and snowmobile routes. The website was sparked by a comment from County Board Supervisor Brian Bashaw, who was particularly interested in those trails that are described as ‘level one.'

"In other words, easy-grade, flat terrain, easily-accessible by a handicapped individual as well as somebody that's elderly or is just looking for a nice time in the parks," Bashaw said at Tuesday night's County Board meeting. "And I'm happy to say we have miles and miles of accessible parks in our county," he said. 

Meanwhile, the City of Racine has created an interactive beach map that points out various amenities that are available at the city’s Lake Michigan beaches, including designated parking areas, restroom facilities, swim zones, walking paths and other points of interest.