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Paul Ryan to WGTD: I'll Run an Orderly and Transparent GOP Convention

High political drama could be at hand when Republicans convene their national convention in Cleveland four weeks from today for the purpose of nominating the party’s presidential ticket. A ‘dump Trump’ undercurrent is expected to be present as Congressman Paul Ryan, by virtue of the fact that he’s Speaker of the House, gavels the session to order. The 1st district congressman downplayed the friction in taping an interview with Greg Berg for today’s Morning Show and indicated he wanted a transparent convention where everyone follows the rules.

Even before he gets to the convention, Ryan will have to deal with come political problems closer to home. The House is expected to reconvene next week after a session that ended last week with Democrats mounting a sit-in on the House floor. They were trying to pressure votes on two key pieces of gun control legislation. The effort, at least for the time being, failed. In the Morning Show interview, Ryan said he was disappointed with the actions of Democrats.

On another matter, Ryan said he hopes the financial markets will settle down following steep losses last week in the face of Great Britain’s decision to pull out of the European Union.