Reliving Pleasant Memories: Baby Boomers in Racine Reminisce

May 22, 2023 4:15p

(WGTD)---Baby boomers in Racine are flocking to programs that feature a look back at life in the 50s and 60s. 

Ten years ago, Racine natives Carol Gianforti and Jim Mercier stumbled upon a huge appetite for information and anecdotes on people, services, activities and buildings that have begun to fade from memory. 

The first program was held at the Racine Library and drew an overflow crowd, according to what Mercier told Community Matters host Marsha Connett. "Carol didn't think we were going to have that many people. So she kept saying 'Let's take away some of these chairs because we're not going to need them,'" Mercier quoted Gianforti as saying. "It turned out we needed a lot more than what they could provide. During the program, they were still bringing in chairs," Mercier said, laughing. 

Subsequent programs were offered at Roma Lodge and at other locations.

A program titled “Summer in the City” will be offered five times at the Golden Rondelle Theater in Racine in the first week of June.

The presentations in the 300-seat theater are expected to be sold out.

While the programs are free, reservations are required by going to the Golden Rondelle Theater website.