'For Sale' Signs Could Soon be Posted in Front of Several KUSD Properties

Dec. 1, 2023 11:20a; Edited 12-2 to clean up typos and add link to original story; 

(WGTD)---If fully adopted by the school board, Kenosha Unified administration’s right-sizing plan would leave nine school buildings empty.

An outline of the plan delivered at a special school board meeting Wednesday night included a brief discussion on just what would happen to the mothballed buildings.

School buildings in line for closure include the Chavez Learning Center, Washington Middle School, Dimensions of Learning, Jefferson, Jefferson Annex, KTEC east and west, Hillcrest and McKinley.

Facilities department director Pat Fennimore noted Wednesday night that final decisions on a building’s disposition will be left up to the school board, which undoubtedly will consider several factors such as the building's age, size, location and redevelopment potential. He said the school district will undoubtedly collaborate with the city. 

But a driving factor will be a desire to capitalize on the value of each property for the benefit of the district, he said.

Fennimore said he wouldn’t speculate on possible reuses for each property until after the board’s scheduled Dec. 12th vote on the right-sizing plan.

While nine buildings would be emptied out under the recommended plan, one school that was closed last year would be reopened. The building that once housed Wilson Elementary is in line to be the new home for Hillcrest with its alternative curriculum.