State Issues Report on Kenosha Nursing Home Death

Jan. 25, 2023 2:10p

(WGTD)---A combination of factors led to the weather-related death of a Kenosha nursing home resident last month.

The woman, who’d been admitted to Parkside Manor last June with a diagnosis of dementia, walked out of the facility in the middle of the night, setting off an alarm. A staff member investigated, but believed that another resident found wandering around had been responsible.

According to a state report, two staff members then went to the door in an attempt to silence the alarm, but never opened it far enough to look outside. The woman was found the next morning about 20 feet from the exit. She died of exposure.

According to the report, staff members did not follow procedures in making frequent checks on the woman, and did not do an immediate facility-wide canvass in response to the alarm.

In addition, one of three caregivers who were scheduled to work the night shift came to work late, then inexplicably left for part of the time.

The state Department of Health Services is proposing that no new residents be admitted until procedures are revised and training occurs. The department is also proposing a $1,900 fine.

There’s been no comment from the Chicago-based company that owns the facility, which is located across the street from Stocker Elementary.

In addition, a police department investigation on whether anyone should be criminally charged remains open.