Strategizing Ways to Reduce Violence

May 24, 2024 8;30p 

(WGTD)---A lock ‘em up approach alone won’t solve Racine’s violent crime problem. That’s the view of John Tate, the former Racine alderman who currently heads the new Department of Community Safety.

Speaking on WGTD’s Morning Show, Tate said the solution to reducing violence is adopting a slate of preventative measures in addition to holding people accountable for their actions. "It's not either or. It's both and," Tate said. "It's accountability and prevention. It's accountability and systems change. It's accountability and dealing with underlying circumstances," he said., 

Tate has a background in social work. He’s also a former head of the state’s parole board.

What sparks violent behavior is not a deep mystery. "We kind of know," Tate said. "If there's generational concentrated poverty. If there's experience with deep trauma. If there's availability to weapons or firearms. Substance abuse. Where these things concentrate and coalesce you're probably going to see some pretty significant violence as well." 

Tate’s office will be holding meetings and hearings this summer in an effort to come up with an all-encompassing safety plan.

Tate said he works closely with Racine County and Racine Unified, entities that have their own violence reduction initiatives.