Museum Munchkins and Curiosity Cabinets: Host Karin Sconzert Talks Kenosha Public Museums with Doug Damman and Nick Weirsum

July 17, 2021
L to R: Doug Damman and Nick Weirsum From The Kenosha Public Museum 

Museum Munchkins and Curiosity Cabinets, Dinosaurs and Mammoths, The Civil War and the Homefront: so many things await at the Kenosha Public Museums which are now open! Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Doug Damman and Nick Weirsum (Pictured Left to Right) to talk about these and other exciting finds at the Kenosha Public Museums.

Here is the KPM Youtube channel, where you can see Museum Munchkins episodes that were recorded over the past year. 

Here is the Kenosha Public Museums website.