MS - The Birds of Dog

February 13, 2024

Ann B. Parson discusses her new book "The Birds of Dogs: An Historical Novel Based on Mostly True Events."   The novel, set in Boston in the early 19th century,  centers on a young woman who longs to work in Boston's most important museum at a time when women were not typically encouraged to do so.  The novel also explores how museums of the day were evolving in terms of their mission and how they saw themselves in relation to the natural world.  

NOTE:  During the interview, reference was made to a remarkable exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum called "From Curiosity to Science."   Right around the time that the exhibit first opened to the public,   we did a video Morning Show in which we walked through the exhibit with Dan Joyce (the museum's executive director at the time) and Nancy Mathews, the person largely responsible for creating the exhibit.  Here is a link that will allow you to watch that video: