The WGTD Radio Theater

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents "Eleanor R: The First Lady of The World"

A Rebroadcast of the WGTD Radio Theater Production of  "It Could Have Been a Wonderful Life"  

The WGTD Radio Theater presents a re-broadcast of "And on the Eighth Day;" produced and written by Dr. Steve Brown and Michael Ullstrup. 

A re-broadcast of the WGTD 91.1 Players Special "The Catcher in the Spy."  The True story about baseball player Moe Berg who was an American Spy during World War II. This is an Award Winning broadcast written and produced

WGTD Radio Theater’s ALREADY TAPED broadcast of Cartoon Shows on the Radio from the Antioch, Illinois Township Center.

The WGTD Radio Theater begins  its 16h season and show number 125 in this live broadcast (Saturday, February 1, 2020) of this 17-time award winning series, showcasing the 91.1 Players in “Ode to Angela.” 

The WGTD 91.1 Players Annual Holiday Extravaganza featuring Joey Van Hulle as Dean Martin! 

 “Hercule Poirot: Murder on the Mounds,” an original murder mystery based on the famous Belgian detective series created by Dame Agatha Christie one hundred years ago.  

WGTD Radio Theater presents "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson."

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents "The Thin Man" and "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar."

The WGTD Radio Theater Annual Holiday Show held Live from Lake Lawn Resort. 

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents: "The Kane Shadow: Sayonara, My Friends" 

The WGTD 91.1 FM players present "The Kane Shadow: The ‘Gas’ Derler Murder Mystery.”

The WGTD Radio Theater presents "The Enigma Covenant" 

Repeat WGTD Radio Theater broadcast of "The Catcher in the Spy."  The true story about baseball player Moe Berg who was also a spy for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the precursor to the

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents "Our Secret Sisters." 

The Annual Cartoons-on-the-Radio Mashup: "God Help The Queen!" 

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents their Annual Holiday Show. This year; " The Andy Williams Holiday Extravaganza!"

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents: "Play It Again Sam with Peabody and Sherman!" 

The WGTD 91.1 Players Present their adaptation of the timeless classic "What Happened To Baby Jane." 

The WGTD Theater celebrates the iconic career of Mary Tyler Moore in a special tribute show entitled "Turning The World On With HER Smile." 

The WGTD Radio Theater Presents: Star Trek to the Third Power

The 101st addition of the WGTD 91.1 Players Live Broadcasts. “The New Adventures of Nora Charles, Private Detective: The Murdered Murderer NEVER Calls Back!”

Jack Benny returns to the WGTD Radio Theater this Saturday for the 91.1 Players 100th live broadcast.

The 100th Live Broadcast of The WGTD Radio Theater. “The New Jack Benny Show: Hey…Where’s the Script???”

Annual Cartoon Show: Featuring the Radio Theaters Take on "Rocky and Bullwinkle," "Yogi Bear," "Mr. Peabody Sherman," "Snagglepuss," "Dudley DoRight" and "Foghorn Leghorn," with "Putin on The Ritz!!" 

Christmas Show at the Lake Lawn Resort 

The WGTD Radio Theater presents: RADIO DETECTIVES TIMES 2. "The New Adventures of Johnny Dollar," starring Jim McClure, and "NORA CHARLES.

"A Summer Comedy Classics Trio." The WGTD Radio Theater, now in its 11th season and this theatrical performance is the 94th live broadcast of this 8-time award winning series, will showcase the 91.1 Players in "A Summer Co

The WGTD Radio Theater, beginning its 11th Season, once again starts the season with its Annual CARTOON SHOWS ON THE RADIO! As always, the stars are from the 91.1 Players.

It is our 10th Annual WGTD RADIO THEATER HOLIDAY SHOW.. Featuring Bob Hope!

The WGTD Radio Theater and The 91.1 Players Present, TV Sitcoms on the Radio featuring"Hogan's Heroes," and "The Golden Girls." As always, these original WGTD _Radio Theater broadcasts are written and produced by Steve Bro

The WGTD Theather Proudly presents "What Might Have Happened to Baby Jane?" Adapted by Dr. Steven Brown and Michael Ullstrup.

The WGTD Radio Theater presents a Summer Trio of original Comedies, written, as always by Steve Brown and Michael Ullstrup: "Our Miss Brooks," Fibber McGee and Molly," and "It's the Professor!" As always stars are from the

The WGTD Radio Theater presents: "BROWN. Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren - A Conversation." This play celebrates the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The WGTD Radio Theater's live broadcast of "The Cedar Chest Letters," written by Racine playwright Barb Tylla.

The WGTD Radio Theater presents an original broadcast of The New I LOVE LUCY SHOW: "Lucy Runs for Village President!" There will also be a new "It's The Professor! segment.

The WGTD Radio Theater begins its 10th Season with it's ANNUAL "Cartoon Shows on the Radio" Mash-Up. Feautued are the cartoon classics of "Rocky and Bullwinkle," "The Jetsons", and "Dudley Doo-Right."

The WGTD Radio Theater's Live broadcast, from Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan: "The 9th Annual Christmas Special." Special musical guests: "The Dixie Dudes," and also "The Cruise-O-Matics."

"The Kane Shadow Murder Mystery" and "It's the Professor." This LIVE broadcast of the Radio Theater comes from Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan.

The WGTD Radio Theater presents its Ninth Annual Halloween Special LIVE Broadcast. Today, we present Dr. Siegfried Christoph, a member of the 91.1 Players, who portrays Mr. Vincent Price.

The WGTD Radio Theater's LIVE Broadcast fromLake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. "The New JACK BENNY SHOW," and "It's the Professor!!"

The WGTD Radio Theater's BACK TO SCHOOL Triple Play: "Our Miss Brooks;" The Adventures of Archie Andrews;" "It's the Professor."


The WGTD Radio Theater presents its Annual Holiday Show: Special guests include: Diann Tesar, Salem (WI) Town Chair, The Dixie Dudes, Larry Zarletti, and Tom Goss. Stars are from the 91.1 Players.

The WGTD Radio Theater and the 91.1 Players present: "Soldier, Come Home, written by playwright Frank Wicks. This was performed live at The Civil War Museum in Kenosha.

The WGTD Radio Theater present:"The New Jack Benny Show," and "It's the Professor!!"

Today's WGTD Radio Theater features"The Brickersons," written by Jim Blair and also "It's the Professor," written by Mike Ullstrup and Steve Brown.

The WGTD Radio Theater and the 91.1 Players present: "The Adventures of Scooter and Biff," written by local writer Richard Bell. Also, the second installment of "It's the Professor!"

Our 7th Annual HOLIDAY Show of the WGTD Radio Theater. "LOST AND FOUND FOR THE HOLIDAYS." "Murphy" the Border Collie runs off after a bunny rabbit and gets lost. All of this happens just before Christmas Eve.