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1st Congressional District: Vos Not Running

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos will NOT run for the 1st District Congressional seat being vacated by Paul Ryan.

In a statement issued Friday, Vos said he can do more good continuing to push state-based conservative changes---so---he will—instead--- run for re-election to the State Assembly.

Vos didn’t mention current ethical questions he raised by accepting a free trip he took to London with a group that included a couple of lobbyists.  He was one of several lawmakers---from several states---who participated in the trip last August. Vos told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he followed state ethics laws. The Speaker of the Ohio House---Cliff Rosenberger---is resigning his office amid an FBI investigation into a number of issues including the London trip.

Meanwhile---1st District  Democratic Congressional candidate Randy Bryce released findings of an internal poll conducted Thursday that shows him in favorable positions in match-ups against potential Republican rivals. 

The poll also showed President Trump with a 56% disapproval rating---a dramatic swing from his 10-point election win in the district in the 2016 election.

403 voters were polled. There is a 4.9% margin of error.