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Another Mumps Case Reported at Kenosha County Detention Center

June 7, 2019 6:15p

(WGTD)---A second inmate at the Kenosha County Detention Center east of the airport has come down with the mumps, according to a news release issued Friday evening by the Kenosha County Sheriff's Dept. 

The detainee was immediately placed into medical isolation, the release said.

The first sign of the infectious disease came last week from the Immigration & Customs Enforcement office who said that an inmate who had been housed in Kenosha but transferred for a time elsewhere displayed symptoms. The inmate has since been returned to Kenosha and at last report was receiving treatment. 

Employees and inmates who've come in contact with either of the two affected inmates have received the MMR vaccine that protects from mumps, measles and rubella, according to the release.

Mumps is spread through direct contact with saliva or respiratory droplets from the mouth, nose and throat.