Bravo!: Braving Bad Weather, Kenosha Symphony Plays On

July 11, 2021 9a

(WGTD)---The weather was far from ideal for the first-ever "Symphony in the Park" concert on parkland adjacent to the Petrifying Springs Biergarten Saturday evening.

Under the direction of Robert Hasty, the Kenosha Symphony braved threatening skies and some rain to complete a program of mostly light selections. 

Half of the Symphony was protected under a band shell, while the string section was seated in front of the mobile structure, with players and their expensive instruments protected by volunteers holding umbrellas. Sitting in lawn chairs, several hundred audience members spread out in an expansive area between the band shell and a tree line. 

The concert was co-sponsored by Kenosha County Parks, and was in line with County Executive Jim Kreuser's philosophy of providing additional amenities and attractions in the county's parks to increase usage.