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Former CEO Campaigns in Kenosha for Big Political Change

Kenosha---Not a fan of Hillary? Already tired of The Donald?

A former Wisconsin business owner is fighting hard for a major overhaul of the political process that she hopes will lead to fresh faces up and down the line that won't be afraid to compromise and stake out middle ground.

"The duopoly--what we call the political/industrial complex--is not giving Americans what they want," says Katherine Gehl, a former CEO of Gehl Foods. "It now appears clear that we will have two party nominees that a majority of Americans have a negative view of."

Gehl is scheduled to address a Kenosha Area Business Alliance breakfast at the Kenosha Country Club Thursday. She spoke to WGTD on Wednesday.  

She's pushing for non-partisan reform on several fronts.

Gehl supports a lawsuit that's aimed at undoing gerrymandered legislative districts in Wisconsin that created an environment that's favorable for the election of candidates who gravitate toward the edges of the political spectrum.   

In a much more ambitious initiative, Gehl wants states to abandon the two-party system for nominating presidential candidates in favor of a non-partisan approach.

Gehl also backs the national "No Labels" movement.

She says big money, long election cycles and a system that disincentivizes compromise lead to gridlock. "The industry of politics is doing just fine," she says. "Voters--and the ability of the American government to deliver on the promise of the American Dream for its citizens--is not doing so well."