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Robotic Coffee and Tea Dispensing Kiosks to be Made Here by Foxconn

Sept. 8, 2019 8:30p

(WGTD)---Among the products to be made at Foxconn in Mt. Pleasant is a robotic barista, dispensing up to 100 cups an hour of customized, gourmet coffee and tea.

The first kiosks from Austin,Texas-based Briggo have been installed at a couple of airports, and the company hopes to ramp up production by partnering with Foxconn.

In a news release issued last week, Briggo announced that Foxconn will be responsible for the mass production of the units in Mt. Pleasant, where Foxconn plans to leverage its expertise in smart manufacturing and supply chain management.

Briggo’s “connected coffee” technology allows customers to either order ahead of time on an app or use touch screens on the kiosks.

Foxconn has said it plans to open its manufacturing facility either late next year or early 2021.