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Two Charged in Connection With Cheddar's Parking Lot Shooting

Oct. 8, 2019 1:35p; Updated at 4:20p with additional details. 

(WGTD)---The shooting death last spring of a 19-year-old man outside of a Pleasant Prairie restaurant was apparently the result of a drug deal gone bad.

44-year-old Shawn Amelio and his 19-year-old daughter, Christina, both of Kenosha, were charged Tuesday in connection with the death of Khaled Alchaar.

According to the criminal complaints, the defendants had gone to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen the night of May 20th to meet up with Alchaar in the restaurant's parking lot for the purpose of selling Alchaar an ounce of marijuana.

The Amelios claim Alchaar pulled a gun on them from the back seat of the defendant's Explorer and announced a robbery.

The purported plot fell apart when the elder Amelio his gun and got out of the SUV and started reaching for his gun.

Shawn Amelio says Alchaar took off running. Amelio admits that he fired a single shot in the direction of Alchaar but didn't think he hit him. The defendants then left.

The case was cracked after a man who'd been walking through the parking lot to enter the restaurant with his family heard a gunshot, looked around and was able to provide a rough description of the apparent shooter. A restaurant security camera captured the license plate number of the Explorer.

Shawn Amelio is facing a variety of charges, including reckless homicide. Christina is facing drug and obstruction charges.

As for his gun, Amelio said he took it apart and disposed of it in various locations in Chicago.

The complaint doesn't say whether the gun Alchaar purportedly had been carrying was recovered. Police did find a bloody bag containing marijuana in the parking lot.