The Morning Show

Nan Calvert - Humble Oak Folk School

Clayton J. Szcech, "A Field Guide to Tequila" 

Dr. Rana Limbo on bereavement

A Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien

Weekend Performances

Kenosha Symphony Orchestra

RTG's Doug Instenes

Dr. Art Cyr


Mike Richman ("George Allen")

Steve Volk - "Fringe-ology."  

UW-Parkside Performances

Jim Schatzman (RVM / CAS) 

David Brooks: "How to know a person" 

JFK Assassination 

David G. Robinson "More than we expected"  

Deanne Stillman:  "American Confidential" 

Tom Clavin - "The Last Outlaws"  

Nan Calvert / Shannon Davis-Foust

Max Marshall "Among the Bros"

Dr. Dhaval Desai, "Burning Out on the COVID Front Lines" 

"The Ghost Army of World War II"  

"A Brief History of Intelligence"  

Photographer David Alexander / Conductor Alvaro Garcia

2 world premieres:   "Courageous Rose" "Burn: A Folk Musical."  

"White House Wild Child" 

Cameron Swallow/Grant Pitts from Braver Angels

Kenosha Community Foundation

Katharine Keenan

Martin McClendon

Dean Tolson "Power Forward" 

"Crusade to Heal America"  

The Football 100

Deborah Karp:  Nonprofit Leadership Conference 

Season Allergies / Blithe Spirit

Dr. Art Cyr

Edf Haddon "The Modern Maverick" 

Gail Papp "Pubic/Private" 

Nan Calvert /  Plastics

"The Abundant University" / The Aluminum Paradox 

Choral Arts Society ("The Cry")

Kenosha Symphony Orchestra

"Without Helmets or Shoulder Pads" 

Diana Butler Bass - "Grateful"

We preview Thursday evening's choral concert at Carthage College with Dr. Maggie Burk,  director of choral activities.

UW-Parkside's "The Laramie Project" 

Dan Dain "A History of Boston"

Peter Cave "How to think like a Philosopher"

Liz Wiseman "Multipliers" 

Brandon Torres- Madagascar/ Weird Disney