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The Morning Show

Jennifer Sassaman, UW-P theater faculty.  She's directing their production of the musical "Urinetown," which opens March 8th.

Rachel McPhee Benson previews her one-woman show "Dead Shot Mary," which she is performing in Racine this weekend

Kathryn Andrea, Amy Trottier, and Cory Uebele, with A & O Certified Public Accountants discuss the most recent changes in the tax laws.

Blake J. Harris, author of "The History of the Future:  Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution that Swept Virtual Reality."    

Steve Mussenden, executive director of the Racine Literacy Council.  He will have a RLC volunteer tutor with him to talk about the experience of being a tutor. 

Bryan Albrecht, president of Gateway Technical College pays his monthly visit to the program.

Dr. Art Cyr, director of Carthage College's Clausen Center.  Professor Cyr joins us once a month to offer his analysis of current events. 

Previewing the Racine Theater Guild's production of "Wait Until Dark." 

Dr. John Swallow,  president of Carthage College

Dr. Jennifer Harvey,  author of "Raising White Kids:  Bringing up children in a Racially Unjust America."  

Nancy Matthews and Dan Joyce,  Kenosha Public Museum - "From Curiosity to science."  

Part One: Nioucha Homayoonfar, author of "Taking Cover:  One Girl's Story of Growing Up During the Iranian Revolution." Also - previewing the film "Coal Black Voices," which is being shown later this week at Carthage.  Part Two: (approximately 30 minutes into the program)   Carol Sabbar and Mia Bennett discuss Carthage's new film series "This is America," which opens this Thursday night with the film "The Art of Rap." 

Part One:  Kenosha Symphony's John Williams Concert.  Part Two:  Fleeing Artists Theater's production of "Almost, Maine." 

Nan Calvert with Laura Schultz,  Environmental Education Manager with UW-Parkside's Environmental Studies Program. 

James and Deborah Fallows, author of "Our Towns: A 100,000 Mile Journey into the Heart of America."  They speak at Carthage on Feb. 18th.

Part One:  Kenosha Public Library Big Read.   Part Two:  Previewing tonight's American Experience documentary "Sealab." 

Part One: Chris Moschovitis, author of "Cybersecurity Program Development for Business: The Essential Planning Guide."  Part Two:  Pianist Barron Ryan.  He performs as a duo-pianist with his father Donald. They play at Carthage Tuesday night. 

Laura Cox- the third annual Healing Connections event, designed for people contending with trauma, PTSD, stress and anxiety. 

Preview of Carthage's opera workshop "So give three cheers: A Gilbert & Sullivan Gala." 

Postponed from last week-  A recap of the Carthage Philharmonic's European tour.

Simon Read - "Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent."

Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker-  "The End of Procrastination: How to stop postponing and live a fulfilled life." 

A preview of Sunday's Super Bowl LIII with sportswriter Casey Sherman.   

A preview of "My Real Mother," a musical receiving its world premiere this weekend at Carthage with composer/playwright Riley Thomas and director Maggie Spanuello.

Jason Berry, author of 'City of a Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans." 

Burt Ward (Robin on the TV series "Batman") talks about his new passion- dogs in honor of Train Your Dog Month. 

Dr. Art Cyr pays his monthly visit to the program to offer his analysis of current events. 

First round winners in the FoxConn Smart Cities Smart Futures competition Erin Magennis and Joan Volmut.   

WGTD's own Troy McDonald talks about concerns around new data gathering techniques being used by various media entities.  

Erling Kagge,  author of "Silence - in the Age of Noise." 

Leonard Mlodinow, author of  "Elastic:  Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change" 

Gateway Technical College President Bryan Albrecht.

Ryan Robinson, author of #Chill: Turn off your job and turn on your life.” 

Mount Pleasant village president David DeGroot, village administrator Maureen Murphy, and Foxconn project director Claude Lois. 

Guida Brown talks about alcohol addiction and calls for changes in the laws for OWI. 

Joshua Goldstein, author of “A Bright Future: How some countries have solved climate change and the rest of the world can follow.”

12-year-old Racine entrepreneur Alex Hart-Upendo. His business, Build-a-Bow, creates custom designed bow ties. 

Dr. Jerald Mast,  Associate Professor of political science at Carthage College.

Nan Calvert's monthly environmental program- with Vicki Elkin (Fund for Lake Michigan.) 

Mick Burke, business reporter for the Racine Journal Times, with a FoxConn update. 

Elizabeth Emens, author of Life Admin: How I learned to do less, do better, and live more."  

Madeleine May Kunin, former governor of Vermont- author of "Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties."  

No Morning Show on WGTD This Week because of the Christmas holiday. 

Part One:Ken Wiele author of "Musings," Part Two: Ramsen Kasha, executive director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Clinic in Chicago.

Jacqueline Mroz, author of 'Girl Talk: What Science can tell us about Female Friendship"

Ray Bolger, author of "Operation Devil Horns:  The Takedown of MS-13 in San Francisco." 

Bryant Welch, author of "State of Confusion:  Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind." 

Maryann Karinch, author of "Control the Conversation: How to charm, deflect, and defend your position through any line of questioning."  

Bob Glauber, author of "Guts and Genius:  The story of three unlikely coaches who came to dominate the NFL in the 80s." 

Nan Calvert leads a discussion on wetlands restoration.