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Gateway Students Become Part of Trump's Kenosha Appearance

In the audience at Snap-On Tuesday for President Trump’s speech, 21 year-old Josh Brewer was less interested in the president’s policy proposals than he was in what Trump had to say about the importance of manufacturing and technical education.

The Case High School graduate, already employed in the parts department of an auto dealership, is about to graduate from Gateway Technical College with an associate degree in auto mechanics.

Trump had high praise for craftsmen and technical education. "It's nice to hear," said Brewer.

Brewer and several of his colleagues in Gateway's automotive program stood on stage next to Trump when he signed a pair of executive orders that are designed to maximize the use of American goods by federal agencies and in projects that are funded by federal dollars. A second order tries to reign in a controversial visa program that critics say has led to American workers being laid off by lesser-paid foreign workers.

Brewer and the other students got to shake Trump’s hand. One student received the very pen that Trump used to sign the orders.

Trump spoke for about 25 minutes to a mixed audience of company employees, Gateway staff and students and various dignitaries. He steered clear of partisan politics and stuck to the script. Trump was introduced by Snap-On CEO Nick Pinchuk.