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Kenosha County Board Asked to Take A Stand on Foxconn

Kenosha County Board Supervisor Terry Rose wants his colleagues to go on record firmly in support of the proposed Foxconn development for either Kenosha or Racine county. 

Rose has introduced a resolution that supports Foxconn's plans to build a large manufacturing facility in southeastern Wisconsin. The resolution calls on the state legislature to approve "the needed incentives plan."

Rose tells WGTD News that he plans to ask for a suspension of the rules that would allow the board to vote on the resolution at its next meeting Tuesday night. Sending it to committee first, Rose argues, would be synonymous with voting 'no' because the legislature is to begin voting on the deal next week.

Rose says the intent of the legislation is to underscore the need for good-paying jobs and not to pick apart the controversial incentives package. 

"Wisconsin is no longer one of the states where per capita income is high," he says. "Development in this state over the years has fallen far short of what development is in places like Massachusetts, California, North Dakota and Texas. This is our opportunity to get in the game." 

As of mid-afternoon Friday, the resolution had three co-sponsors: Michael Skalitzky, John Poole and Erin Decker.

Rose said he hopes the resolution will pass with either unanimous or near unanimous support.