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Obsolete & Fading Jobs: Going, Going, Gone

File Clerk. Door-to-door salesperson. Typist. And Lighthouse-keeper. A few jobs of many that have all but disappeared over the years.

A writer who not only keeps tabs on obsolete and fading jobs but also talks to people who once held them will be in Kenosha Friday night.

Holly Painter, who by day is an English teacher at the University of Vermont, is the main force behind “The Obsolete Jobs Project: In Search of Endangered Jobs." 

"I see this as sort of an oral history project that captures the stories of people and also puts a human face on the big picture trends that we see in the news," Painter told Greg Berg during a "Morning Show" segment this week.

She’s scheduled to be at the Rustic Road Brewing Company in Kenosha Friday evening, the 16th,  to talk about her work, play some audio recordings of some of her interview subjects, conduct a live interview and just for fun…hold a trivia contest.

The event is co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Humanities Council and Carthage College.