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A Public Forum on the Future of RUSD Held Last Night

Racine---A crowd of about 250 people showed up at Knapp Elementary School to learn more about AND react to the state's threat to break up Racine Unified IF the employee handbook doesn't meet Act 10 provisions---and---IF the latest test scores---due in November---get another failing grade. State Representative Peters Barca and Cory Mason held what's been the only public hearing ---to date on the item placed into the budget last minute by the Joint Finance Committee.

Community activist Alphonso Gardner said the budget proposal is racist, and about money, not the students. Teachers union President Angelina Cruz called it "a racist attack on Racine" that CAN be prevented with a cooperative response. But---Ralph Risso said this is about Racine Unified failing for too long, and he blamed the community for allowing it continue: A handful of speakers from Caledonia and Mount Pleasant stated they would NOT vote for their villages to leave Racine Unified to form their own districts IF given the option.