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A Renewed Call for Dream Playground Volunteers

City officials have come to realize that some organized supervision is needed at Kenosha’s new handicapped accessible playground.

At this week’s City Council meeting, Ald. Scott Gordon said he and others are in the process of recruiting volunteers to serve as "Dream Playground Ambassadors."

An organizational meeting will be held at the playground Tuesday, May 30th at 6:00 p.m.

The call for volunteers comes just a week after vandals damaged a couple of bathrooms at Petzky Park, home of the playground. And there have been other incidents as well. Someone drew a 'tic tac toe' square on the rubber floor, and vandals apparently used a cigarette lighter to partially burn a picnic table, according to Gordon. 

Gordon plans to ask the volunteers to promote safe play and in general keep an eye on things. They'll be outfitted with T-shirts. 

The first discussions for recruiting volunteers actually occurred several months ago, well before the vandalism.