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All Saints to Close Holy Rosary Campus; Retain St. Mary's School

(WGTD)---All Saints Catholic School is closing one of the two K-8 schools it operates in Kenosha.

In a letter sent to parents this week, the school system said it plans to merge its north side campus--the former Holy Rosary School adjacent to the church by the same name on 22nd Ave.--into its south side campus that's adjacent to St. Mary's.

The decision is based on financial concerns. 

The closure will save $90,000 a year, according to the letter. Total current enrollment is just under 500 students. With the two campus model, 600 students are needed to break even, compared to 450 students for one school.

Two-thirds of the students are currently taught at the system's south side campus at St. Mary's.

School officials say the merger "undoubtedly" will lead to job losses, and that wait lists are expected for the middle school grades and for 1st grade. 

As for the soon-to-be-empty building, All Saints says it's working with church officials to determine whether special events could be held there, or whether the playground and gym could continue to be used. 

Parent meetings have been scheduled for Monday night. 

In the letter home, All Saints acknowledges that accomplishing the merger won't be easy. "However, knowing the strength of this school family, and how we treasure out students and teachers, we know that, trusting in our faith and in Christ that we, together, will overcome these challenges and be made strong," the letter reads. 

The letter says the changes have been approved by All Saints board of directors in "consultation" with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Schools Office and the Office of the Archbishop. 

The two-school All Saints campus model was formed in 2011 out of a merger between four Catholic schools in Kenosha. 

Schools across the board have been dealing with lower enrollments as the result of a lower birth rate. Kenosha Unified's enrollment, for instance, has decreased steadily in recent years. However, no schools have had to be closed.