Body Cam Video Clears Caledonia Cop of Evidence-Planting Allegation

July 25, 2021 11:25p

From WGTD News: 

Caledonia police say that a video appearing to possibly show an officer planting evidence is far from the whole story. The twenty-second-long clip—which went viral over the weekend—shows an officer tossing what appears to be a baggie into the back of a vehicle.  The video came from the cell phone of a front-seat passenger. The post prompted hundreds of reactions condemning police. Within hours, Caledonia Police Chief Christopher Botsch confirmed that the police encounter did in fact occur in Caledonia, and was the result of a traffic stop. But Botsch said the video only told part of the story. Other video from body cams worn by the officers on the stop supports the contention that the baggie, which was empty, came from the pocket of another passenger. Botsch indicated that the officer’s only mistake was that he should’ve hung on to the piece of plastic rather than discarding it in the vehicle. The only citation that came out of the stop was for going 63 in a 45 miles per hour zone.


A Racine firefighter on his way from one station to another spotted an apartment fire early Sunday morning. The firefighter—who wasn’t named in a news release—saw smoke coming from a second-floor apartment in the 27-hundred block of Mt. Pleasant Street just before 7. He also saw flames coming from a window. He phoned in the alarm, and his colleagues were able to prevent the fire from spreading no further than the apartment in the 32-unit building where the blaze began. The cause of the fire is under investigation.