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Cause of Wednesday Night's Power Outage in Kenosha Still Unknown

The substation that was at ground zero of Wednesday evening's massive power failure in Kenosha is still not fully-functioning, according to a spokesperson for American Transmission Company, the firm that supplies transmission services to We Energies.

A-T-C still doesn't know why a breaker failed, but the component has been isolated, leaving the rest of the sub-station in operation, said A-T-C spokesperson Jackie Olson.

At its peak, the outage affected some 19,000 homes and businesses in Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie and Somers for up to five-and-a-half hours, according to We Energies spokesperson Amy Jahns. 

Because traditional fixes performed at the substation didn't immediately take hold because of the cold, We Energies had to eventually reroute power, according to Olson and Jahns.