Cop Shooter Convicted; Disruptions Accompany Verdict Announcement

June 21. 2022 4:30

(WGTD)---It took a Kenosha jury less than two hours to return guilty verdicts on all charges against a man who shot a Kenosha police officer in the stomach two years ago.

31-year-old Jonathan Massey will be sentenced Aug. 25th.

The verdict announcement in Judge Jason Rossell's courtroom was not without drama.

Massey threw a water pitcher in the direction of the prosecutor, and Massey's younger brother, 28-year-old Tronick Massey, became disruptive and was hauled off to jail himself. 

According to the criminal complaint, the officer who was shot, Justin Pruett, was investigating vehicle break-ins when he got out of his squad car to question Massey. Massey moved out of the range of the squad car's dash cam, then fired shots in Pruett's direction, according to the criminal complaint. Pruett was able to fire some shots himself but Massey wasn't hit. Massey ran off and was arrested later.