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Results are current. Notes Section Last Updated: 10:10p


Ironically Bryce wins Steil's home county of Rock while Steil takes Bryce's home county of Racine.


Neither party will flip any legislative seats in either Kenosha or Racine county; Wittke wins the Assembly seat of Tom Weatherston who declined a re-election bid. 


Walker loses Kenosha County by 5%; he won the county four years ago by two points.


With 92% of the vote in in Racine County, Walker leads Evers by two point. Four years ago, Walker won by ten points.


Beth is re-elected Kenosha County Sheriff


Bryce is giving his concession speech now, unscripted.

Some highlights -

"We did chase away the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan)."

"Even though we didn't get the results we wanted, we didn't lose."

"Something ends, something always begins afterwards." 

"I'm never going to stop fighting." 

"If I had the choice of doing this all over again, knowing the results, I would still do it." 


Somber faces as tears start to flow at Bryce headquarters some 30-45 mintues after the race was called for Steil. Some Democrats here are already talking about 2020 and "not giving up."  One voter saying "I've never seen the energy sucked out of a room like this." 


WGTD recieved a statement from Mary Jonker, the chairman of Wisconsin's 1st District Democrats. It reads:

"From the begining we've known that replacing Paul Ryan with a true represenative from our district would be no easy task..." The satement continues "Bryan Steil is now faced with a choice: be simply more of the same in Washington, or be a true represenative of the people of Wisconsin's first district." 


Crowds are thinning out at Bryce headquarters as Steil is announced the winner in the 1st congressional district. The mood is somber. One voter said she was "shocked by the result." 


AP declares Steil the winner in the 1st Congressional district. 


Pleasant Prairie police were summoned to a polling place mid-afternoon to remove an anti-abortion sign that was deemed to be too close to voting. The sign--visible to voters at St. Anne's Catholic Church--was deemed to be political. Both county and village officials said they had received numerous complaints. Police were called after church officials refused to take it down or cover it themselves. They said the protest--which included hundreds of mock grave markers--was not political and only incidental to voting. Both County Clerk Mary Kubicki and Village Clerk Jane Snell disagreed, adding that St. Anne's will no longer be used as a polling place. The progressive political group, Forward Kenosha, said on its Facebook page that it had summoned the American Civil Liberties Union. We'll have more on this story later Wednesday....

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