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An Extra Election in Spring of 2020 Will Be Up For Consideration on Tuesday

(WGTD)---Local elections officials are hoping that the Republicans who control the state legislature forget about going ahead with a scheme that’s designed to boost the election chances of a state supreme court justice who’s backed by conservatives.

Daniel Kelly was appointed by Gov. Walker to fill a vacancy on the court, and will be on the ballot in April of 2020, along with Democrats who’d be seeking their party’s presidential nomination. Because of that component of the ballot, the election is expected to be a hot draw for Democrats---something that wouldn’t necessarily be good for Kelly’s race against a more liberal candidate.

So, Republicans in the legislature are seeking to add an extra election that year by moving the presidential primary to March.

Kenosha County Clerk Mary Kubicki is among those who object. "You could be absentee voting for that election as well as the April election at the same time." she said. "It would just confuse the voters, besides the nightmare of administering the elections co closely together." 

A public hearing on the plan is expected to be held Monday in Madison, along with other proposals up for consideration in a special legislative session that’s scheduled to be held on Tuesday.

Republicans are rushing to push things through before Scott Walker leaves office and Democrat Tony Earl takes the reins.