Kenosha City Council Votes Unanimously to Oppose Froedtert ER Closure

Sept. 20, 2022 8:50a

(WGTD)---Turns out a plan to add inpatient mental health and rehabilitation services to Froedtert’s shrinking downtown Kenosha hospital is not a sure thing.

Earlier this month, Froedtert South President and CEO Rick Schmidt announced that he was closing the hospital’s E-R, yet planned to add the badly-needed new services.

At a Kenosha City Council meeting Monday night, which included a discussion of the moves, Alder Jan Michalski revealed that he and council colleague Jack Rose recently met with Schmidt at Schmidt’s request. Michalski said Schmidt refused to reconsider his decision to close the ER. And while the addition of rehab and mental health inpatient care is in Schmidt’s estimation likely—it’s not guaranteed…

The council went on record firmly opposed to the closing of the downtown E-R—the vote was unanimous.

Alder Dan Prozanski called the move a betrayal that could cost lives, as the nearest ER to Kenosha’s east side is now eight miles away.

Alder Curt Wilson said the move—while possibly good for Froedtert—was not in the best interests of the city.

Alder Dave Bogdala—the principal sponsor of the resolution opposing the move—said he hoped to delay the E-R closing if not cancel it altogether. On the other hand, he praised Froedtert's plan to try to add inpatient mental health and rehab services. 

Alder Anthony Kennedy urged citizens to express their views by contacting Froedtert South’s board of directors, which includes former Carthage President Gregory Campbell, Kenosha School Board member Todd Battle, and former board member Robert Lee, Junior.

Schmidt’s plan calls for replacing the ER with an urgent care facility.